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A Vision of Public Service, Education & Commerce for Local Community Needs Across Georgia

Our mission is to provide a positive focus on meeting the NEEDS of public schools and other public service organizations in Georgia by generating for them needed incremental income and market exposure to better serve their communities.

We seek to achieve this goal by developing and operating new Out of Home Digital Media Centers for the benefit of these public service focused providers by supporting their work with additional funds and on-going exposure to support and promote their services to the community.


These Digital Media Centers will boldly identify participating schools and organizations along with their important messages, while also providing local and national businesses with the opportunity to support these entities via paid commercial advertisements while driving incremental income for themselves.

Public Service Providers

Today, More Than Ever, Public Service Provider Needs Have Increased Along with Costs.

Many public service focused organizations struggle with increased operating costs in their efforts to efficiently provide the community with needed education, healthcare, and other public services.

At the same time, Out of Home Digital advertising demand is growing both locally and nationally.


Statistics show that while this form of advertising is an increasing factor in the growth of community commerce, prime locations where these messages can be generated are more and more difficult to find. 

Digital Media Centers

Our Digital Media Centers and Their Public Service Focus are the Answer.

This combined need opens a considerable opportunity for creative Digital Media Center location development and growth. While some of these innovative approaches are already being employed in markets throughout Georgia, they have been implemented on a very small scale.


Based on this and other factors, we have determined that there is a solid foundation upon which we can place new Digital Media Centers for the benefit of the communities in which they are located throughout the state. 

This public service focused digital advertising approach not only provides companies an opportunity to share their messages with the driving public, but also provides public service focused organizations the ability to generate funds to better serve their community. 

Public School Needs

Public Schools Are a Prime Example of This Need and Opportunity

While overall annual development and operational school budgets are huge, there are many needs at the local school, classroom, and activity levels that require additional support. The incremental funds generated by this program can assist in the education of our children with needed tools and social interaction.


This is a viable, ongoing way for schools to generate extra funds with no investment or effort on their part.


This new strategic business model with its innovative Digital Media Center locations can better serve the various needs of individual schools and County School Boards in local markets all over Georgia while providing advertisers with opportunities to reach potential customers.

This is a Passion Project and My Legacy.


Our Founder, Tom Meeks Sr. started his career at an early age after high school when he entered the U.S. Navy as a Journalist and directed the public information office for an anti-submarine warfare squadron and then on board the USS Forrestal, the first super aircraft carrier.


Following his service, he entered Memphis State University majoring in Journalism and Marketing with a minor in philosophy.   


Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve!

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