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About VMI

Past Business Experience Clearly Identified This School Need at The Local Level


While working with a Metro-Atlanta County School Board, it became apparent that these institutions that are charged with the important work of educating our children are often in need of additional funds that are simply not there. Additionally, schools are frequently lacking the ability and resources to communicate their services to the greater community on an ongoing basis.

Given the reality of this civic deficiency, VISTA MEDIA, Inc. was established to assist such organizations, namely schools and school boards, with accessing the opportunity to generate those needed funds and no-cost and to provide needed community market exposure. Schools located on land adjacent to Interstate highways or high traffic state, county and city roads can now enjoy incremental funds and market exposure with no cost or effort on their part by working with VISTA MEDIA, Inc.

A WIN-WIN Plan with Absolutely No Downside

Under the banner of VISTA MEDIA, INC., a select number of Out of Home Industry professionals and elementary, middle school, and high school educators have been gathered together as a specialized team to share their knowledge and resources to successfully develop and operate digital Media Centers on school properties adjacent to interstates and high traffic state, county, and city highways to provide those schools incremental resources for UNFUNDED classroom and student NEEDS and to access professional market exposure at no cost for significant benefit that would not otherwise be available.

County Schools Boards and Participating Public Schools

The goal is to identify strategic locations that are owned and operated by County School Boards throughout Georgia that operate on public property and are adjacent to interstates and other county and city high traffic roads where commercial businesses will pay to advertise. This strategy will open desirable advertising locations to supporting commercial businesses while also providing needed funds and exposure to participating schools and school boards with no financial or operational requirement. In a like manner this philanthropic business model also applies to churches, hospitals, and other such oriented public service provides.


Based on positive experience and encouragement by parents and teachers who otherwise have to generate needed classroom and student needs on their own and many times with their own personal funds, this plan is starting with Metro Atlanta County school operations. It will then work with other school systems throughout the state, as well as other public service entities located on private and public property. The plan includes working in concert with major market Out of Home operators with substantial local, regional, and national advertising sales forces to maximize revenue generation and incremental funds for all participants.

Dedicated Team of Out-Of-Home Industry & Education Leaders Working Together


Principals in this business venture have successful track records with this type of contracted sales effort and are eager to work with a growing number of local educators to achieve our common goal. We have also obtained initial commitments from a variety of individuals and groups to move forward with this public service focused digital Media Center business venture. With school operating agreements and sales management agreements in place, we will create an initial group of digital Media Centers that truly provide a local public service and assist in positively growing commerce throughout Georgia.

One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The important work of funding comminity needs through communications.


Our Vision

Low-risk, high yield strategies to help your community efforts generate incremental funding. 

Empower Your Community Today!

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