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Digital Media Centers Can Be Worth Millions of Dollars to Georgia Schools Based on Participation Levels Achieved


Digital Media Center sign revenue alone can generate almost $100.0M annually for a single school, depending upon its location. For a County School Board with 12+ locations, our program could produce over a Million dollars annually. These incremental funds can be used for expanded community education services by a County School Board and most importantly to meet the UNFUNDED classroom and student NEEDS of each participating school. 

• No Up-Front Cost for Schools, but Schools Share Equally 50-50 All Net Sales Revenue

That’s Right! All Net Sales Revenue is shared equally for the entire length of a multiple year ongoing program. With no up-front cost and an equal share of proceeds as previously referenced there is absolutely no downside to this program. Every school should consider participation according to location and viability within the program.

Annual Incremental Funds Are Significant and Available for Years to Come

With multi-year agreements covering 25 - 50 years, the potential return to local educational programs is significant and can have a major educational impact. The benefits package of our Digital Media Center program has a service component that can provide professional and impactful community exposure for important periodic messages regarding scholastic programs, athletic activities, parent-teacher involvement, and other important events, etc. at no-cost to participating schools. 

Other School Signs May Be Accessed with Little Or No Out-Of-Pocket Expense

Small Property Entry Digital Signs can also be made available to individual participating schools at no direct cost by simply utilizing VISTA MEDIA sign connections and buying power with funds generated by this program. Large Athletic Digital Score Signs can also be accessed in this manner by participating schools and school boards. 

• Share This Program for the Benefit of Your Community Schools and Children

If you are on a local School Board, or if you are the parent of a child attending one of our area public schools and this program sounds interesting to you, please contact us for details on this digital Media Center community-oriented relationship that can enhance your community and its public education. 

Empower Your Community

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Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The important work of funding comminity needs through communications.


Our Vision

Low-risk, high yield strategies to help your community efforts generate incremental funding. 

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